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Frequently asked questions

Answers to common queries

FAQ: Clients

Why should I hire an interior designer?

When you hire a designer, you don't just hire that person, you hire their training, experience and knowledge within the industry. They'll be able to professionally advise you and add their expertise to your vision, delivering a space with real WOW factor. It will save you time and money. Plus they will have tricks up their sleeve to solve difficult space layouts, or bespoke furniture ideas that will not only solve the problem but also look fantastic whilst being incredibly functional.

Is it expensive?

Hiring a professional interior designer will actually save you money. 
Interior designers will share their knowledge to help you avoid making costly mistakes.  Ever bought paint, then hated the colour when it was on the wall?  Ordered large pieces of furniture and found they didn't fit the room or suit the rest of your decor?  
They work daily sticking to clients budgets and have access to trade discounts saving you money.

Why do you not state prices on the website?

Every project is different and there isn't a one size fits all solution. 
Some customers prefer a fee per hour and others would rather a set project fee. At ivy thomas we are happy to work either way, but until we can see the size of the project and confirm the brief it's not possible to state a price.

What locations do you cover?

We are based in Aberystwyth West Wales, but are always happy to travel to client projects across Wales and England.
A lot of the design process is completed digitally and we have worked with clients conducting meetings on Skype and sharing designs online during the Covid lock downs. Distance isn't an issue!
Flexibility is key and we are always open to clients far and wide.

What is your style?

My personal style is hard to pigeon hole. I have a real love for colour and pattern; I think this evolved when I studied pattern design at University. That being said, my past and present homes have a variation of design styles. I tend to compliment the age of the building with the interiors and love mixing old with new. Ultimately I strive to create rooms that make you feel good. For me it's all about 'the feeling' a space gives you.

Being trained professionally I studied the history of style, decoration and architecture so I would never push my personal taste onto a client. That is not an interior designer's job, we are here to help you deliver your vision.  This is where I have the experience to deliver a brief. Whether you want a neutral Scandinavian look, the simplicity of Japanese design or the opulence of 'Hollywood Glam'.

What does an interior designer do?

It's more than selecting a few pretty colours and fabrics!

We work across both residential and commercial spaces. With new builds or remodels, holiday homes and with property developers. 

Interior design services produced include;

- Colour design consultations

- CAD design - Floorplans, Electrical Reflected Ceiling Plans (RCP), Space planning, concept boards, 3D room designs.

- Fabric, furniture and fixture sourcing

- E-Design - providing you with the inspiration to complete your project yourself

- End to end interior design services, from concept to completion.

- Complete Project Management

- Furniture, Fixture and Equipment consultant (FFE)

How does it work?

I can be involved in your project as much or as little as you desire. It all starts with an initial consultation. We would discuss your project and confirm what you are wanting to achieve. I will then create a brief and start researching. I have put together various design packages showing the different levels of support and there it outlines what you will receive in return.

In short, if you choose to hire me I will make your dream a reality. Don't delay, get in touch today to start the process!

Is any project too small?

No! I am always open to a project. It could be the smallest cloakroom re-design. You may have already re-decorated but want advice with a suitable lighting choice for your bar. Or you might just want some colour inspiration. Every brief to me is a challenge and I'm happy to help with project large or small.

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