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Don't take my word for it, take a look at what our customers say.

Providing clients with a design solution that makes their home or business space special, is something we at ivy thomas strive for.  Here are a few of our recent reviews from a variety of projects showing the variation in design support we have delivered.

Katie & Bryan - Bristol

Katie and Bryan were having a huge extension on their ground floor which required a complete layout over haul.  With so much extra space they were a bit overwhelmed and wanted to ensure the money they were spending delivered their vision.  They wanted to transform the blank canvas to reflected their personality and love for colour/pattern.  

By focusing attention to a limited colour palette it allowed each room to connect to the next.  We have incorporated many of the family's distinct artworks and pieces of furniture that have been collected over the years to deliver a truly outstanding family home.

"When we were planning our single storey extension we had a few ideas for the interior decor but with 4 rooms and shared areas to consider it felt quite daunting. 

Chloe was able to present her suggested design ideas to us in such a way that it provided clarity and cohesion. 

As we went through the process with moodboards and detailed specification sheets our options and plans came to life. Chloe's hard work ultimately made our decision making significantly easier.

We found Chloe very responsive and attentive to our evolving ideas. Her approach was very professional and well presented. It was clear Chloe had put a lot of research and consideration into the ideas she presented to us.

With Chloe's guidance we now feel confident we will have an amazing space throughout our downstairs which flows well and reflects our tastes and love for colour!

We highly recommend Chloe if you need inspiration for ideas for a new or existing space you are renovating, and also for clarification and cohesion of your options.

Jen & Charles - Aberystwyth

Jen & Charles are currently building their dream new build home. They knew they wanted a modern and contemporary feel to their home but with a large space to fill they wanted interior design advice to make their new build feel like a home. ivy thomas was able to guide them through the process, advise on costly material selections and help them push the boundaries on colour and design.

Chloe helped me with various mood boards for our new build home. It was really great for bringing my ideas to life. 

Chloe has been great at giving advice along the project. She was so friendly and helpful. I found she was really great at listening, she managed to get out of me exactly what I wanted and pulled everything together in such a cohesive way that once it was on paper I knew we were on the right track.

I'd definitely recommend using Chloe and will be using her again myself.

Lily & Dilwyn - Aberystwyth

Lily & Dilwyn had recently moved home and had decorated their living room themselves but just didn't feel it was a space they could relax.

They hired ivy thomas mainly to advise on paint colours and how they could create a cosy living area that they could love. By addressing the colour palette, the lighting and suggesting subtle tweaks to the accessories we have now provided a space they can unwind in at the end of a hard day.

Chloe recently helped choose colours and define my style for my living room. 

After hours of deliberation, and not being happy with my current living room set up, I knew I needed help. I just couldn't put my finger on what wasn't working. It didn't feel cosy or warm.

Chloe sat down with me, listened, then showed me visually what her suggestions would look like. 

She was professional, a great listener and very knowledgable.

Thank you so much for all your help Chloe. I'm now in love with my living room.

Catrin & David - Aberystwyth

Catrin & David recently moved to a new family home that was being fully re-furbished and re-decorated from top to bottom.  They were keen to inject personality and colour to their home while being sensitive to the period of the building.  

They approached ivy thomas for colour guidance. They wanted to ensure the entire house had a flow, as well as allowing each room its own identity.

Chloe helped me with a 'colour consultation' when we moved house.  I needed encouragement to go for bolder colours.  I'm so glad she gave me the confidence to go for it.

I needed advice with how each room could be different but I wanted the house to feel stylish and homely.

I found Chloe was so easy to work with, her knowledge and ideas are fab! She listens and gives great advice. 

I'd recommend Chloe to anyone thinking of re-styling/re-doing any project big or small. She's brilliant.

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